Oldest tumandok IP say no to mega dam

Felecita “Anggoy” Castor is the oldest among the living Panayanon-Bukidnon tribe in Central Panay at the age of 110.IMG_20150204_090833

Anggoy (local term for old woman), born in 1904, witnessed two world wars.


“Wara gani takon mapatay sang giyera, subong sa dam nga daya sigurado patyon nanda ako.”

(I did not die in war but with this dam, I am sure I will die if it’s constructed.)


“Indi takon magpasugot ka dam nga daya. Akon dayang lupa. Akon dayang bukid. Buhay dun nanda plano nga butangan dam daya, pero indi kami magsugot.”

(I will oppose this dam. This land is mine. They have planned to construct this dam several times already but we always oppose it.)


The oldest and youngest generation. This young female IP is Anggoy‘s grand daughter. She is 17. She also vows to continue the struggle of Anggoy in defending their land.




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